Gästspel: Whenever there are people to dance, until than we´re gonna


Polens och Finlands enda feministiska scenkonstkompanier Teraz Poliż (PL) och Blaue Frau (FIN) gör ett unikt Sverigebesök och bjuder in dig till sitt feministiska utopia!

Välkommen till en interaktiv och förförisk resa. En lek som blandar språk och traditioner där den enda begränsningen är obegränsad fantasi. I vårt feministiska Utopia finns ingen ojämlikhet, våld eller rädsla. Gränserna mellan åskådare och artist, fantasi och verklighet suddas ut under en kväll då våra drömmar blir planer för framtiden! Ett gästspel av Blaue Frau (FIN) och Teraz Poliż (PL).

– To say that the circumstances for a feminist theatre group in Poland nowadays are not easy – is only the half of it. The existence of TERAZ POLIŻ has been inseparably connected with different topics such as: women, theatre, independent art, NGO, human rights and – of course on top of all that – feminism. Each and every one of those topics are controversial in our country. /Teraz Poliż

– In Finland today, it is a political statement to say that we are feminist artists. The old saying that ”art must always be free” is a tremendous lie. /Blue Frau

Spelas: 27, 28, 29 april kl 19


Pris: 200 kr (ord.) / 100 kr (red./låg inkomst)
Alla intäkter går till de gästande grupperna.

Gästspel av: Blaue Frau (FIN) och Teraz Poliz (PL)
Sonja Ahlfors, Dorota Glac, Marta Jalowska, Ula Kijak, Adrianna Kornecka, Emanuela Osowska, Joanna Wingren, Gabrielle Vaara, Johan Isaksson, Marta Wesołowska, Ilse Ybarra, Dominika Skaza.
Språk: Svenska, Polski, English

Föreställningen blev tvåfaldigt prisad på Göteborg Fringe Festival 2016 i kategorirerna Best Of Fringe: “Boundary breaking. Gender bending. Empowering.” och Most Mesmerizing: “For immersing the audience in a total environment where outside reality stops yet is constantly present.”

Pressbilder: http://blauefrau.com/press/ (Foto Frank A. Unger)

Welcome to our utopia – international, multilingual, a futurist vision of an ideal world, where all the problems have already been solved, there is no unequality, no violence no fear, everything is possible and dreams are just plans for the future..

Is utopia a place, a time or a process? Is change possible? If something unavailable suddenly turned out available – who would we become?
Our performance, as well as the working process, mixes languages (Polish, Swedish, English) and traditions. It is like a children’s game, where rules can be changed every now and then, because the only limit is unlimited imagination.

The title “Whenever there are people to dance, until than we´re gonna” is actually untranslatable to Polish or to Swedish, because it’s not even understandable in English, since it consists of many different mistakes. Such a title should not exist – exactly like utopia probably doesn’t exist. However – we are trying to find it, name it, reach for it – and these efforts are much more important than mistakes made on the way. In the ideal world anyone can safely make mistakes.

We have gotten used to the thought that a society, a team, a working group has to be organized with power structures. We are used to the thought that without structures there is no work, no decisions – or else everything becomes chaos.
And what if there is another way?
Sometimes all you have to do is just keep thinking for 24h that the impossible is possible.

“Whenever there are people to dance, until than we’re gonna” is a unique collaboration between Finland’s only feminist performance group, Blaue Frau and Poland’s only feminist theatre group, TERAZ POLIŻ. The performance has been featured in Poland 20-21.02.2015 within the series “SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!!, Finland: 22.11.2014 Pop Up Art House, Tromsö: Vårscenefest 25.4.2016, Göteborg: Gothenburg Fringe Festival 18.8.2016 and Sarpsborg: Festiborg 20-21.8.2016.

Blaue Frau is a feminist and norm-critical duo consisting of two artists Sonja Ahlfors and Joanna Wingren. Blaue Frau was founded in 2005 as an independent branch to the nordic drag king group Subfrau (subfrau.net). Blaue Frau has created and produced over 17 productions in its 11 year history, not including other successful numerous projects and workshops.

TERAZ POLIŻ is the only professional all-female theatre in Poland. The group was established as an independent ensemble bringing together creative women linked with theatre. From the very beginning, its artistic endeavors have centered on women and femininity. The ensemble often turns to topics of exclusion and abuse, and regularly engages in actions addressing children and teenagers. It produces and stages theatre performances, happenings, open performative readings, concerts. It runs theatre workshops and discussions.