Ramaj är en produktionsgrupp bestående av regissören Nils Poletti, kostymdesignern Lena Lindgren och scenografen och ljusdesignern Markus Granqvist.

Dear Ramaj. 
You had the best of possibilities to make right. 

There was Turteatern, all the good people there. And you still not take art seriously or even try to make acceptable communication of Swedish performance art. 

✔️ WHY do you not want to make honest work. 
✔️ WHY do you not make political statement.  
✔️WHY this naked bodies, filthy theater? 
✔️ WHY blonde Swedish actors dressed in Native American clothes made out of rubbish? 
✔️WHY make fun of suicidal, rape and sex with animals? 
✔️ Why build a little house and only perform for only 30 people audience?

Do you think theater is a joke, done only for the art itself? Don’t you want to explain for audience what to think and why?

Your friend//

Foto: Klara G
Foto: Klara G