First Klingon tourist center ”Visit Qo’noS” opens in Sweden

Sweden will soon have a Klingon tourist center – ”Visit Qo’noS”.  The center opens the 3rd Feb at Turteatern in Stockholm and will give humans Terra–Friendly© live-act presentations of Klingon culture and customs in collaboration with The Klingon Institute of Cultural Exchange. More information will soon be available on


You will get the possibility to try cuisine, listen to opera, and a chance to acquire useful lifesaving tips in your everyday interaction with Klingons and Klingon customs, so that you may plan your holiday to our great empire and the First City on the planet Qo’noS without risking any discomfort and/or premature death.

Starring: Ban’chee – House of Duras, Mara – House of Duras, Morath – House of Duras and Klag.

More material, pictures, video or pod interviews will be available when the klingons arrive in the end of January. Please contact Therese Jonasson if you would like more information or get in contact with the klingons: 0046736168351

High resolution photo download: Photo: Chrisander Brun
*In a Terra-Friendly© presentation your safety is guaranteed by the United Federation of  Planets.
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