Idag annonserade International Ibsen Award-kommitén att Turteaterns kommande konstnärliga ledare Marie Nikazm Bakken och hennes vapendragare Fredrik Floen tillsammans med Turteatern tilldelas det prestigefyllda Ibsen-stipendiet! Utmärkelsen kommer delas ut under den stora Ibsen International Conference i Skien den 18-19 oktober. We will haunt you and Ibsen down in 2018!

Utdrag ur juryns motivering:
The representation of Henrik Ibsen`s dramas is in Scandinavian theatre closely connected to a psychological-realistic tradition of acting and mis-en-scénes. Yet in the last decades, this way of interpreting the plays has been challenged by other forms of representation. The two young artists, Marie Nikazm Bakken and Fredrik Floen, have over the last few years turned to Ibsen´s plays again and again, in their personal quest for finding a theatre aesthetics of their own. Their grand-scale productions of Ibsen re-samplings have challenged the audience`s perceptions of the art form in general and the works of Ibsen in particular.

Marie Nikazm Bakken and Fredrik Floen are a Norwegian performing arts duo consisting of stage director Marie Nikazm Bakken and costume-designer/scenographer Fredrik Floen (both born 1988). The last couple of years they have staged the Ibsen play The Pretenders (own production, Otta Kulturhus), The Ghost to come (Grenland Friteater/Scene:Bluss) and The Pretenders – A staged reading (Nationaltheatret/Ibsenfestivalen 2016).
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Foto: Øyvind Eide/Nationaltheatret (På bilden Marie Nikazm Bakken, Fredrik Floen)