About us

Theatre Without Reactionaries promotes an experimental, border-crossing and political theater for children, youth and adults. We want to be a theater without conventional boundaries, where thehigh and low culture are mixed and where our strongest guiding principlesis lust, disrespect, and love.

Turteatern is located in Kärrtorp in the south of Stockholm. We have a large and a small stage, and a foyer stage for smaller performances, conserts, readings etc. We invite guest performances, both Swedish and international. Are you interested in guest playing at Turteatern, please email and tell us about your project to info@turteatern.se!

Turteatern has since 2008 been led by the artistic leadership-troika Nils Poletti, Carina Ehrenholm and Erik Holmstrom. The board will remain as before with Robert Sjöblom, Marie Ahl, Mia Benson and Niclas Malmcrona.